Gan Xie Ni

Nicky Tan - May 2017
感谢妳Gan Xie Ni by Zhao Chuan

Dance starts at vocal

Section 1 : R side, Behind, Side, Cross, Back 2x, Back + Ronde 3x, Rock Back, Recover
1,2&Step RF to side, Step LF behind RF, Step RF to side
3,4&Cross LF over RF, Step RF diagonally back, Step LF diagonally back (1:30)
5Step RF back with Ronde (12:00)
6Step LF back with Ronde
7Repeat Step 5
8&Rock LF behind RF, Recover on RF

Section 2: Nightclub 2-Step Basic to L, then R, Run Run Step, Back 2x, ½ R, ½ R back
1,2&Step LF to side, Rock RF behind LF, Recover on LF (12:00)
3,4&Step RF to side, Rock LF behind RF, Recover on RF
5&Small step forward on LF then RF
6Step LF forward
7&Step RF back, Step LF back
8&Turn ½ R & Step RF forward, Turn ½ R & Step LF back (12:00)
Easier option: ¼ R RF Step Side, LF Cross
8&Turn ¼ R & Step RF to side, Step LF together (3:00)

Section 3: ¼ R Side Rock, Recover,
1,2Turn ¼ R & Rock RF to side, Recover on LF (3:00)
3&Cross RF over LF, Step LF to side
4&Turn ½ R & Step RF to side, Cross LF over RF (9:00)
5,6Touch RF to side, Touch RF beside LF
7,8Make a small circle with RF and end with RF touch beside LF

Section 4: R Step, Step ½ R Pivot Forward, Step ½ L Pivot Forward, Cross, Full turn Unwind
1,2&Step RF forward, Step LF forward, ½ R Pivot weight on RF (3:00)
3,4&Step LF forward, Step RF forward, ½ L Pivot weight on LF (9:00)
5,6Step RF forward, Cross LF over RF
7,8Slowly make a full turn unwind clockwise end with weight on LF
Easier option:
5,6Step RF forward, Step LF to side & Sway body to L
7,8Sway body to R then L

RESTART: At Wall 4 (3:00) Dance for 16 counts and restart dance at 6:00