Hillbilly Fever

Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - June 2017
Shotgun Boogie - The Holiday Band : (Album: Year Book, best of - iTunes)

**2 Restarts wall 6 @ 6:00-Wall 12 @ 12:00
Dance Info: Dance starts with wt on L – Start on lyrics BPM [130:] Track Length 3.40

Right Side Shuffle, ¼ Hinge Turn R-Left Side Shuffle, Weave to L Side, Point Side 3:00
1 & 2 3 & 4Step R to R Side, Step L next to R, Step R to R, Turn ¼ R on L-Step L to L, Step R next to L, Step L to L
5 6 7 8Cross R over L, Step L to L, Step R behind L, Point L to L Side

Weave to R Side, Point Side, Step Back, Point, Step Back Point 3:00
1 2 3 4Cross L over R, Step R to R Side, Step L behind R, Point R to R Side
5 6 7 8Step Back R, Point L to L Side, Step Back L, Point R to R Side
Restart here for wall 6 facing 6:00
Restart here for wall 12 facing 12:00
Tap R next to L-replacing the Point R to R

Kick, Kick, Back Rock Step, Skate R, Hold, Skate Fwd L, Skate Fwd R 3:00
1 2 3 4Kick R low and slightly across L, Kick R to R Side, Rock Back on R, Fwd L
5 6 7 8Skate R Fwd, Hold, Skate Fwd L, Skate Fwd R

Stomp L to L, Hold, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Step Back Behind, Cross L over R 3:00
1 2 3 4Stomp L to L Side, Hold, Rock R across L, Replace wt to L
5 6 7 8Rock R to R Side, Replace wt to L, Step R slightly back behind R, Cross L over R

Note: Due to the length of the music, you may decide to finish the dance early, not necessary to do the Restart in wall 12.

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