Glory And Grace

Susan Dodge - March 2017
Glory and the Grace - Luke Bell : (CD: Luke Bell)

Intro: After drum solo, starting with counts 1-2 (recorded on track) add 3-4, then count to 16 during piano section
Tag after 1st repetition

Section 1: Charleston, toe struts X3, step
1-2Kick R forward, step R back,
3-4Touch L back, step L forward
5&6&Touch R toe forward, drop R heel, Touch L toe forward drop L heel
7&8Touch R toe forward, drop R heel, step L forward

Section 2: Step ½, kick ball ¼ cross, ¼, shuffle, shuffle ½
1-2Step R forward, turn ½ left (weight is on L) (6:00)
3&4Kick R forward, step R in place, ¼ left cross L over R (3:00)
5&6Turn ¼ left step R back, step L next to R, step back on R (12:00)
7&8Turn ¼ left step L side, step R next to L, turn ¼ left step L forward (1/2 turn left) (6:00)

Section 3: Cross, step, heel step, cross side behind, ¼, ½, coaster step, step
1&2&Cross R over L (1), step L side (&), touch R heel diagonal right (2), step R back (&)
3-4Cross L over R, step R side
5-6Cross L behind R, turn ¼ right step R forward (9:00)
7-8&Turn ½ right step back on L (7), step R back (8), step L back (&)
9-10Step R forward, step L forward
*TAG wall 1*

*Tag after 1st wall: 4 count jazz box –
1234Cross R over L, step L back, step R to side, step L forward
Restart dance.