Highway Honky Tonk CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Phyllis Manier – June 2017
Honky Tonk Highway by Luke Combs

Triple forward, Triple ½, Back Rock, Kick ball change
1&2Triple in place right, left right
3&4Triple ½ left, right, left Turning right
5-6Back Rock right recover left
7&8Right Kickball change

Triple forward, step turn ¼, Cross & Cross, Side Rock
1&2Shuffle forward Right-left-right
3-4Step forward left, turn right ¼ ,
5&6Cross and cross left over right
7-8Side rock right recover left

Sailor step, Sailor turn, ½ turn ,¼ turn
1&2Sailor step right, left, right
3&4Sailor step ¼ turn left stepping left, right, left
5-6Step forward right ½ turn pivot recover left turning left
7-8Step forward right 1/4 turn pivot recover left turning left

Cross point, Cross point, Cross step back, back rock
1-2Cross right over left point left to side
3-4Cross left over right point right to side
5-6Cross right over left step back left ( ½ Jazz box)
7-8Back rock right recover left

Have Fun - No Tags Or Restarts

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