Ciao Adios

Roy Hoeben (NL) - June 2017
Ciao AdiĆ³s - Anne-Marie

Walk, walk, side , rock step, side rock step, touch, swivel.
1RF step forward.
2LF step forward.
3RF ¼ turn left step right.
&LF rock behind RF.
4RF weight transfer.
5LF step left.
&RF rock behind LF.
6LF weight transfer.
7RF touch forward.
&LF RF swivel heel right.
8LF RF swivel heel back.

¼ turn hip turn, cross step, cross shuffle.
1RF step forward.
2LF ⅛ turn left hip turn left to right step next to RF.
3RF step forward.
4LF ⅛ turn left hip turn left to right step next to RF.
5RF cross over LF.
&LF step left.
7RF cross over LF.
&LF step left.
8RF cross over LF.

Touch, touch, cross, heel, cross, heel, step turn.
1LF touch left.
&LF next RF.
2RF touch right.
3RF cross over LF.
&LF step left.
4RF heel diagonale forward.
&RF next LF.
5LF cross over RF.
&RF step right.
6LF heel diagonale forward.
&LF next RF.
7RF step forward.
8LF ½ turn left.

Cross step, sweep, sailor ½ turn cross, slide.
1RF ½ turn left step back.
2LF ¼ turn left step left.
3RF cross over LF.
4LF step left RF sweep back.
5RF cross behind LF.
&LF ¼ turn right step back.
6RF ¼ turn right cross over LF.
7LF step left.
8RF drag next LF.

Restart: at the 2 wall after the first 16 counts.
Only count 16 is not a & count but normal count , step that step not left but back.