Little Nancy Mulligan

Easy Beginner
Ron Bloye (UK) - June 2017
Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran : (iTunes & Amazon)

Intro: (16 counts from music start)

Sec 1: Side Together, Side Together Side, - To the Right and To the Left
1 - 2Step Right to the Right - Step Left next to Right.
3 & 4Step Right to the Right - Step Left next to Right - Step Right to Right side. .
5 - 6Step Left to the Left - Step Right next to Left
7 & 8Step Left to the Left – Step Right next to Left - Step Left to Left Side

Sec 2: Heel Hook Right Shuffle R.L.R - Heel Hook Left Shuffle L.R.L
1 - 2Hook Right Heel in Front and Across Left Leg
3 & 4Shuffle Forward Right.Left.Right.
5 - 6Hook Left Heel in Front and Across Right Leg
7 & 8Shuffle Forward Left.Right.Left.

Sec 3: Rock Rec Coaster Step – Rock Rec ½ Turn Shuffle
1 - 2Rock Forward Right – Recover on Left
3 & 4Step Back Right – Put Left next to Right – Step Forward Right
5 - 6Rock Forward Left – Recover on Right
7 & 8½ turn over Left Shoulder and Shuffle forward Left.Right.Left.
*Restart Here 24 counts on 1st wall Only

Sec 4: R.Heel L.Heel R.Heel. Clap Clap & L.Heel R.Heel L.Heel. Clap Clap.
1&2&3&4Right Heel, Left Heel. Right Heel, Clap, Clap
&5&6&7&8Bring right next to left then Left Heel, Right Heel, Left Heel, Clap, Clap
&Bring left foot next to right to start next wall
(This Looks Hard – but is Very Easy)

*Restart on wall 1 after 24 counts {6 o’clock}

** On last wall you will be at 6 o’clock on Sec 4 do :-first 4 counts and then L.Heel, R.Heel, Step ½ Turn Right & Pose

Was asked by my beginners last week for a dance so they could dance alongside our Improvers and Intermediates with a floor split to Nancy Mulligan, by Maggie G & Gary O’Reilly, as they loved the music – so here it is - hope you like !!!!

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