Love My Life

Mathew Sinyard (UK) - June 2017
Love My Life - Robbie Williams

Intro: 16 Counts (Start on vocals)

Alternative Music: Love My Live - Robbie Williams (Adam Turner & James Hurr Remix)
Intro: 62 Counts - **When dancing to the remix there is no restart**

Section 1 - Touch Forward, Side, Behind Side Cross (x2).
1-2Touch right toe forward, touch right toe to right side.
3&4Step right foot behind left, step left to left side, cross right in front of left.
5-6Touch left toe forward, touch left toe to left side.
7&8Step left foot behind right, step right to right side, cross left in front of right.
(** Restart Here On Wall 4**)

Section 2 - Side Touch, Left Chasse, Back Rock, Kick Ball Cross.
1-2Step right foot to right side, touch left toe beside right foot.
3&4Step left foot to left side, close right foot beside left, step left foot to left side.
5-6Rock back on to right foot, recover onto left foot.
7&8Kick right foot forward, step on to ball of right foot, cross left in front of right.

Section 3 - Side behind, Chasse 1/4, Forward Rock, Back Shuffle.
1-2Step right foot to right side, Step left foot behind right foot.
3&4Step right foot to right side, close left foot beside right, step right foot to right side making a 1/4 turn right.
5-6Rock forward on to left foot, recover onto right foot.
7&8Step back on left foot, close right beside left, step back on left foot.

Section 4 - Step Back, Rock Back Recover, Step Forward, Jazz Box.
1-4Step back on right foot, rock back on to left foot, recover on to right foot, step left foot forward.
5-8Cross right foot in front of left foot, step back on left foot, step right foot to right side, step left beside right foot.

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