Babe, You're Mine

Nancy Lee (MY) - July 2017
You're Sixteen "By" Daniel O'Donnell

Intro: 16 Count - ( This dance is specially dedicated to my beginner Babies – Taipan Angels )

Section 1: [1-8] Side Together, Side , Kick, Vine L , Kick (12:00)
1-4R to R, L together R, R to R, Kick L facing diagonally L
5-8L to L, Cross R over L, L to L, Kick R Fwd facing 12:00
(Alternative: Grapevine R with scuff, Grapevine L with scuff )

Section 2: [9-16] Right Rocking Chairs x 2 (12:00)
1-4R Rock Fwd, Replace weight back onto L , R Rock Back, Replace Weight Back onto L
5-8Repeat 1-4

Section 3: [17-24] R Step Fwd, ¼ Turn Left , Step L to L, R Cross Over L, Hold, L Side Rock, Recover R, Cross L Over R, Hold (9:00)
1-2R Step Fwd, ¼ Turn L, L Step To L (9:00)
3-4R Cross Over L, Hold
5-6L Side Rock, Recover R
7-8L Cross Over R , Hold

Section 4: [25-32] R Point to R, Cross Step R Over L, L Point To L, Cross Step L Over R, Repeat R , L (9:00)
1-2Point R to R, Cross Step R Over L
3-4Point L to L, Cross Step L Over R
5-6Repeat 1-2
7-8Repeat 3-4

Repeat - Have Fun !!!

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Last Update - 27th July 2017