Mayee Lee (MY) - July 2017
Betrayal (Bei Pan) by Jason Chen (CD 3:28)

Intro: Start after 14 counts or start at 0.11 seconds

Section 1 : R Back Sweep L, L Back, Recover R , Reverse Full Turn R, Side Rock, L Forward, ½ Turn R Diamond Step
1 2&Step R back sweep L from front to back(1), rock L back(2), recover on R(&),
3&4& 5¼ turn R step L back(3)(3.00), ½ turn R step R forward(&)(9.00), ¼ turn R step L to L(4)(12.00), 12.00 - recover on R(&), step L forward & sweep R from back to front(5)
6&7 8&1Cross R over L(6), 1/8 turn R step L back(&)(1.30), step R back & hitch L(7), step L back(8), 1.30 - 1/8 turn R step R to R(&)(3.00), 1/8 turn R step L forward(1)(4.30) 4.30
(*Tag & Restart at here)

Section 2 : Cross Shuffle, Touch, Monterey Full Turn L, Touch R, R Coaster Step, L On Ball, R Forward, L On Ball
2&3 4&51/8 turn R cross R over L(2)(6.00), step L to L(&), cross R over L(3), touch L to L(4), - 6.00, step L on ball beside R & full turn L(&), touch R to R(6.00)
6&7Step R back(6), step L beside R(&), step R forward(7)
&8&Step L on ball behind R(&), step R forward(8), step L on ball behind R(&) 6.00

Section 3 : ½ Turn L & Sweep L, Behind Side Forward, Forward, Recover, ¼ Turn R, ½ Turn L & Sweep R, ½ Turn R Jazz Box
1 2&3½ turn L step R back & sweep L(1)(12.00), step L behind R(2), step R to R(&), step L forward(3) 12.00
4&5 6Step R forward(4), recover on L(&), ¼ turn R step R to R & bend R knee(5)(3.00), ½ turn L step on L & sweep R(6)(9.00) 9.00
7&8&Cross R over L(7), ¼ turn R step L back(&)(12.00), ¼ turn R step R to R(8)(3.00), cross L over R(&) 3.00

Section 4 : R Side, Sway LRL, Reverse Full Turn R Sailor Step, Side Mambo Cross, R Side, Recover L
1 2&3Sway R to R(1), sway to L(2), sway to R(&), step L to L(3)
4&5½ turn R step R on ball behind L(4)(9.00), ¼ turn R step L on ball beside R(&)(12.00), ¼ turn R step R slightly forward(5)(3.00) 3.00
6&7 8&Rock L to L(6), recover on R(&), cross L over R(7), rock R to R(8), recover on L(&) 3.00

Tag & Restart :1& counts
During wall 5 (12.00), dance 9 counts, step R forward (4.30)(1), 1/8 turn R step L to L(&) and restart the dance again facing 6.00

Ending : Wall 8 (12.00), dance 31 counts, ¼ turn L sweep R beside L

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