Dance With Somebody

Carl Sullivan (AUS) - June 2017
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast : (Album: I Wanna Dance With Somebody)

1&2Kick R fwd, Step R down beside L, Step L back
3-4Rock-step R back, Replace on L
5&6Shuffle fwd R-L-R
7-8Step L fwd, Pivot ½ turn R onto R - 6:00

1&2Step L fwd bumping hips fwd, back, fwd
3&4Step R fwd bumping hips fwd, back, fwd
5-6Rock-step L fwd, Replace on R
7&8½ L with triple step L-R-L - 12:00

1-2Cross-step R over L, Low kick L to L
3&4L Sailor Step (L, R, L)
5&6Step R behind L, Step L to L, Cross-step R over L
7&8Side Shuffle L-R-L to L side

1-2Rock-step R slightly over L, Replace on L
3&4½ turn R with triple step R-L-R - 6:00
5&6Kick L towards L diagonal, Step L down on L, Cross-step R over L fwd on diagonal
7&8Step L towards L diagonal, Drag R towards L

1&2* Mambo R fwd
3&4Mambo L back (L should be in line with R)
5&6Swivel both feet to R with heels, toes, heels
7&8Swivel both feet to L with heels toes, heels (finish with weight on L)

1&2Side shuffle R-L-R to R side
3-4Rock-step L back behind R, Replace on R
5-8Rolling vine to L-turning L- stepping L, R, L, Point R to R side

1&2R cross Samba (R, L, R) travelling slightly fwd
3&4L cross Samba (L, R, L) travelling slightly fwd
5-6Rock-step R fwd, Replace on L
7&8R back Coaster (R, L, R)

1-2Step L to L, Drag R towards L
&3-4Step R beside L, Cross shuffle L-R-L to R side …. Restart here at the end of Walls 1 & 3
5-6Step R to R, ½ L Step L fwd
7-8Step R fwd, Pivot ½ turn L onto L

* Tag: At the end of Wall 2 there is an 8 count Tag
*Just repeat Section 5 i.e the Mambo etc. Then Restart facing 12:00

Restarts: On walls 1 & 3 after 60 counts.

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