It Don't Matter

High Improver
Raymond Sarlemijn (NL), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Roy Hadisubroto (NL) - July 2017
It Don't Matter To The Sun - Garth Brooks

Right basic, ½ turn ronde, coasterstep, rock step, walk back 2x, ¼ turn right,ronde, behind, ¼ turn left
1RF right
2&3LF close back, RF cross forward,1/2 turn right, LF step back, RF ronde
4&5RF back, LF close, RF forward
6&7LF recover weight, RF back, ¼ turn right, LF back, RF ronde
8&RF behind LF, ¼ left, LF forward

¼ turn left, rf right, triplle ½ turn left, ronde, forward, side, behind, ronde, sailor step ¼ turn, ¾ tripple turn
1RF right
2&3LF back RF, ¼ turn left, RF close LF, ¼ turn left, LF step forward, RF ronde forward
4&5RF cross forward, LF left, RF behind LF, LFronde
6&7LF behind, ¼ turn right RF forward, LF forward
8&½ turn right weight on RF, ¼ turn right LF close RF, 1/2turn right start again