Keys To My Heart

High Beginner
Cheryl Carter (UK) & Lois Lightfoot (UK) - August 2017
Keys to My Heart - Lonestar

#32 count intro

Sec 1: Right scissor cross, step left, heels bounce ¼ turn to right.
1-4Step right foot to side, Step left next to right, cross right over left, Hold
5-8Step left slightly to side, bounce your heel 3 times making a ¼ turn right (3 o clock)
Sec 2: Right coaster step, Hold, Left scissor Cross, Hold.
9-12Step right foot back, Step left next to right, Step right foot forward, Hold.
13-16Step left foot to side, Close right next to left, Step left over right, Hold.
Sec 3: right chasse sides, Left rock back Recover, Vine left ¼ turn Brush right forward.
17&18Step right to side, Close left to right, Step right to side.
19-20Rock back onto left foot. Recover weight onto right.
21-24Step left to side, Cross right behind, Step left side making ¼ turn left, Brush right (12 o Clock)
Sec 4: Step forward Tap, Back Tap, step Pivot ¼ turn, Right kick ball cross.
25-28Step Right forward, Tap left to behind, Step left foot back, Tap Right toe in front.
29-30Step right foot forward. Pivot ¼ turn to left (9.o clock)
31&32kick right foot forward, Step right slightly to side, Cross left over right foot.
Start again and enjoy

TAGS: 4 count tags danced on walls 4 and 9
Dance at the end of wall 4 facing 12 o Clock and 9 facing 9 o Clock
1-4Rock right foot out to side, Recover weight onto left, Touch right next to left Hold & Clap
Last Update - 23rd Aug 2017