Australian Kid

Beginner 2S
Ole Jacobson (DE) & Nina K. (DE) - August 2017
When I Was a Kid - Sandra Humphries

TAG: 4. 8. 11.Walls

Step, lock, step, scuff, diagonal step, touch
1,2Step LF forward, cross RF behind LF
3,4Step LF forward. - Cross R Heel forward across the floor
5,6RF step forward diagonally to right - Touch LF beside RF
7,8LF step back diagonally to left - Touch RF next to LF

Side, together with 1/4 turn R, hold, paddle-turn 1/2 R
1,2RF Step to right - Close LF beside RF
3,4RF Step to right with 1/4 R turn right - hold
5,6LF step forward - 1/4 turn right on both balls
7,8Step sequence as 5-6 (Weight at the end to RF)

Cross, side, behind, side cross, scuff, step with 1/4 turn L, scuff
1,2Cross LF over RF - step RF to right
3,4Cross LF behind RF - RF Step to right
5,Cross LF over RF
6,R Heel forward over ground strip (1/4 L-turn initiate)
71/4 Turn L-turn, RF step forward
8L Heel Cross the front edge over the ground

Rock, recover, back, hitch, coaster-step, scuff
1,2Step LD forward - Weight back to RF
3,4Step LF forward – R Knee lift
5,6RF step backwards - Close LF beside RF
7,8RF step forward - Cross the front edge over the ground

...and from the beginning

TAG: At the end of the 4th wall (12:00) 8.Wall (12:00) 11.Wall (6:00)
Repeat the last section, then Restart
Rock, recover, back, hitch, coaster-step, scuff