I Am A Cloud

Improver waltz
Vicky Hamilton (NZ) - October 2017
Wo Shi Yi Pian Yun by Fei Fei Feng 我是一片云 (凤飞飞)

Intro: 24 counts from Vocal, Aprox: 15 Second

Sec 1: Basic forward L, Basic forward R
123Step L forward, R Tog, L Tog
456Step R forward, L Tog, R Tog

Sec 2: L drag, Full turn R
123big step L to L side , drag R towards L over 2 counts
456Make ¼ Turn R step R forward, ½ Turn R Step L back, ¼ Turn step R Tog

Sec 3: Cross Point hold, ¼ R Point hold
123Cross L over R, Point R to R, Hold
456¼ Turn Step R step R , Point L to L , Hold (3:00 O’clock)

Sec 4: Behind Side Cross, Balance R
123Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross L across
456Step R to R, Cross L behind R taking weight, Recover R *( Restart wall 3)

Sec 5: Box
123Step L to L, Step R Tog, Step L back
456Step R to R, Step L Tog, Step R Forward

Sec 6: 1/8 L Forward Hitch Kick, Coaster (1: 30 O’clock)
123Making a 1/8 turn L Step L Forward, hitch R , kick R (1: 30 O’clock)
456Step R back, L Tog, Step R forward (1: 30 O’clock)

Sec 7: Turn L ½ Turn L, Back 1/2 Turn L
1 2 3Step forward on L, Make a 1/2 turn L and step back on RF, Close LF next to RF (7:30 Oclock)
4 5 6Step R back, Make ½ Turn L Step L forward, R Tog (1:30 Oclock)

Sec 8: Forward 3/8 Sweep, Full turn R
123Step L forward, make 3/8 Turn L Sweep RF over 2 counts (9:00 Oclock)
456Step down RF, ½ turn R Step L back, ½ Turn R Step R Tog (9:00 Oclock)

Start Again 9:00 O’clock

ReStart, Wall 3: * After Sec 4 facing 9:00 O’clock

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