It Gets Easier

Beginner NC
Ina Pedersen & Bjarne Frederiksen (DK) - October 2017
It Gets Easier - Willie Nelson

#32 Count Intro

S 1. Basic Nightclub Right, Basic Nightclub Left. Rolling Vine. Cross Rock Side.
1,2&Large Step To Right Side(1), Rock Back On Left(2), Recover On Right(&) Slightly Crossing Over
3,4&Large Step To Left Side(3), Rock Back On Right(“), Recover On Left(&) Slightly Crossing Over
5,6&Make A ¼ Turn on Right(5), Make A ½ Turn On Left(6), Make A ¼ Turn On Righ(&) To Be Facing (12:00)
( Easy Option: Vine – Step Right To Right Side(5), Cross Left Behind Right(6), Step Right To Right Side(&)
7,8&Cross Rock Left Over Right(7), Recover On Right(8), Step Left To Left Side(&)

S 2. Step, Step ¼ Cross, Rhumba Forward, Rhumba Back, Back Rock.
1,2&3Step Forward On Right(1), Step Forward On Left(2), Make A ¼ Turn Right(&), Cross Left Over Right(3) To Be Facing (3:00 )
4&5Step Right To Right Side(4), Step Left Next To Right(&), Step Forward On Right(5)
6&7Step Left To Left Side(6), Step Right Next To Left(&), Step Back On Left(7)
8&Rock Back On Right(8), Recover On Left(&)

TAG: At The End Of Wall 5 ( 3:00 ) Make A Basic Nightclub Right And A Basic Nightclub Left ( 1,2& 3,4& )

Have Fun