Mary J Cha II

Esella Thompson – October 2017
Family Affair by Mary J Blige

Cha Cha & Weave
1,2,3Step Rt foot to side right, step back on the left, rock forward on rt.
4 & 5Step left foot to left side, step rt. together with left, step left foot to left side
6Cross rt over left
7 & 8 &Weave – Step side left, cross rt behind left., step side left, cross rt over left

1,2,3Step left foot to side left, step back on the rt, rock forward on left
4 & 5Step rt foot to rt side, step left together with rt, step rt foot to rt side
6Cross left over rt
7 & 8 &Weave – Step side rt, cross left behind rt., step side rt, cross left over rt

Locking Steps Quarter Turn To the Right
1,2(Walk a quarter turn to the right – 3:00) - Walk forward rt, walk forward left
3 & 4Step forward rt, lock left (ball of left crosses behind rt), step forward on rt
5,6Step forward on left, rock and step back on rt
7 &Step back on left, lock rt (rt crosses in front of left)
8 &Repeat 7 &

Hook and Quarter Turn
1,2Step back on left, Point rt toe to the right
3Hook rt foot across left shin and make a ¼ turn to the rt.(6:00)
4 & 5Step forward on rt, lock with left, step forward on rt
6Step forward on left
7 & 8 &Step on rt foot a ¼ turn to the rt (9:00), step on ball of left behind rt, step side rt, Step on ball of left behind rt.

Repeat From Beginning - No Restarts