Coco Câline

Novice Cha Cha
David Linger – France – September 2017
"Coco Câline" by Julien Doré – 116 BPM - Album «&», track 2

Start of dance : after 2x8 counts, before the lyrics at 8 seconds…

Side, Back Rock, Recover, Side Chassé, Back Rock, Recover, Fwd Chassé
1 – 3Step Lf to the left, step Rf (rock) back, recover on Lf
4 & 5Chassé (R-L-R) to the right
6 – 7Step Lf (rock) back, recover on Rf
8 & 1Chassé (L-R-L) forward

Step Forward, ½ Turn Left with Hook, Fwd Chassé, Side Rock, Recover, Fwd Chassé
2 – 3Step Rf forward, ½ turn left (6:00) with hook Lf in front of right (weight stays on Rf)
4 & 5Triple step (L-R-L) forward
6 – 7Step Rf (rock) to the right, recover on Lf
8 & 1Triple step (R-L-R) forward

¼ Turn Right with Side Point, Side Chassé, Back Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Back Chassé
2 – 3¼ turn right (3:00) and point Lf to the left, touch Lf close to Rf
4 & 5Chassé (L-R-L) to the left
6 – 7Step Rf (rock) back, recover on Lf
8 & 1¼ turn to the left (6:00) and triple step (R-L-R) back

Chassé ½ Turn Left, Fwd Mambo, Back Mambo, ¼ Turn Left with Step Together
2 & 3Chassé (L-R-L) while making a ½ turn to the left (12:00)
4 & 5Step Rf (rock) forward, recover on Lf, step Rf back
6 & 7Step Lf (rock) back, recover on Rf, step Lf forward
8¼ turn left (9:00) and step Rf close to Lf

Tag/Restart : on every chorus, when he sings : “Sur la plage Coco Câline, sur la plage Coco”, the end of the 2nd section become this way :
6Step Rf to the right with R bump
7Recover on Lf with L bump
8Recover on Rf with R bump, then start the dance again

The Tag/Restart is 3 times (facing 3:00, 9:00, 3:00), then 3 times again (facing 12:00, 6:00, 12:00), then 4 times more at the end of the song (facing 12:00, 6:00, 12:00 and 6:00).
The end of the dance is facing 12:00 with a Happy Smile…
Bon Chaaance…

Teached for the 1st time for the Country & Line Dance at Don Angel Hôtel
at Roquetas De Mar (Andalousia – Spain), October 22-28th, 2017


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