Rollin' Home CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Susanne Mose Nielsen (DK) November 2017
Rollin' Home by Nathan Carter. Album: Livin' The Dream - iTunes

Intro: 16 counts

Section 1: Forward, touch, back, touch, shuffle r, l, r, touch
1 - 4Step forward right, touch left next to right, step back left, touch right next to left
5 - 8Shuffle forward right, left, right, touch

Section 2: Forward, touch, back, touch, back shuffle, touch
9 - 12Step forward on left, touch right next to left, step back right, Touch left next to right
13 - 16Shuffle back left, right, left, touch ******* restart wall 7

Section 3: Slow Vaudeville
17 - 19Step right to right side, touch left heel in place, step left foot in place, step right to left
20 - 24Step left to left side, touch right heel in place, step right foot in place, step left to right

Section 4: Rocking Chair, jazz box ¼ turn right
25 - 28Step forward on right, recover on left, step back on right, recover on left
29 - 32Cross right over left, step back on left, turning ¼ right step right to right side, step left next to right (3 o’clock)

Restarts: Wall 7: after count 16 – back wall (6 o’clock)


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