You Broke Up With Me

Jean Welser (USA) - December 2017
You Broke Up with Me - Walker Hayes

#32 count intro – start on lyrics

1,2,3,4Step side with right, tap to close with left foot; step side with left, tap to close with right foot
5,6,7,8½ turn right with three steps (r,l,r) and point to side with left

1,2,3,4Cross directly in front of right with left foot, point right foot to side; cross directly in front of left with right, point left foot to left side
5,6,7,8Do three count jazz box starting left over right (l,r,l) and jump forward [alternate, hold one beat]

1,2,3,4Step back with right foot, tap in place left; step forward with left foot, tap in place right
5,6,7,8Monterey turn ¼ to right (step out right, pivot ¼ right and step down with right, step out to left with left foot, and close left)

1,2,3,4Do exaggerated (large) jazz box (starting right over left, left, right, left close)
5,6,7,8Skip/hop to sides, right, left, right, left, while swinging arms with elbows out to sides and fists pointed toward each other in front of body [alternate version: hip bumps right, left, right, left]

Directions for the three so-called “Tags” on chorus
Do above 32 count dance for three walls. Then, on the chorus “You, you broke up with me” do the following routine:
1-2,3-4Shake finger in front of you back and forth (like Mom admonishing you) 4 times while rotating right foot
5-6,7-8to right side and back to center on heel
1-2,3-4Shrug shoulders (“what can I say?” for 1-2), kick right foot diagonally toward left & step down right (3-4)
5-6, 7,8Kick left foot diagonally toward right and step down with left (5-6), stomp with right foot and hold (while keeping weight on left hip and leg so you can start again with right)

There will be two more times you do the Tag routine to the chorus “You, you broke up with me,” each after three walls of the regular 32 count dance.

Directions for Restart
After the first “You broke up with me” chorus there is a one time, 16 count instrumental true Tag.
However, treat it as a Restart - simply do the first 16 counts of the actual dance (to the jump) and Restart the dance.

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