Lonely Calling

Jeffrey Callejo (Hawaii) December 2017
Crash And Burn by Thomas Rhett

No Tags No Restarts

S1: Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster Step, Stomp Left, Clap & Stomp Left, Clap
1-2(1) Rock forward right, (2) Recover on Left
3&4(3) Step right back, (&) Step left next to right, (4) Step right forward
5-6(5) Step Left diagonal, (6) Clap
&(&) Bring right up to meet left in 3rd position (instep of right at heel of left) and shift weight onto right foot
7-8(7) Step left diagonal, (8) Clap

S2: Side, Behind & Heel & Cross, Side, Behind & Heel & Cross
9-10(9) Step Right foot to right side (10) Step left foot behind right
&-11(&) Step right foot to right side (11) Tap left heal 45 degree angle forward
&-12(&) Step left foot back to center (12) Cross right foot over left and step
13-14(13) Step left foot to left side (14) Step right foot behind left
&-15(&) Step left foot to left side (15) Tap heal 45 degree angle forward
&-16(&) Step right foot back to center (16) Cross left foot over right and step

S3: ½ Monterey Turn, Forward Step Touches Right Then Left
17-18(17) Tap right toe out to right side (18) Replace right foot next to left as you pivot ½ turn right
19-20(19) Point left toe to left side (20) Step left foot next to right (weight left)
21-22(21) Step right forward on right diagonal, (22) Touch left together and clap hands
23-24(23) Step left forward on left diagonal, (24) Touch right together and clap hands

S4: Step, ½ Pivot, Shuffle Forward, Step, ½ Pivot, Shuffle Forward
25-26(25) Step right forward, (26) Turn ½ left (weight to left)
27&28(27) Step right forward, (&) Step left together, (28) Step right forward
29-30(29) Step left forward, (30) Turn ½ right (weight to right)
31&32(31) Step left forward, (&) Step right together, (32) Step left forward

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Last Update – 20th Dec. 2017