Kiss Me A Lot

High Beginner
Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) - December 2017
Besame Mucho - Dominic Halpin

Start Dance After 32 Counts On Vocal - No Tag No Restart

S1. Fwd Mambo, Back Mambo, Side Rock, Cross, Side Rock ¼ R, Step
1&2Fwd Step On RF, Recover On LF, Back Step On RF
3&4Back Step On LF, Recover On RF, Fwd Step On LF
5&6Side Rock On RF, Recover On LF, Cross RF Over LF
7&8Side Rock On LF, ¼ R Recover On RF, Fwd Step On LF. (3:00)

S2. R Diag Step Lock Step, L Diag Step Lock Step, Back & Kick (2X), ¼ R Coaster
1&2Right Diag Fwd Step RF, Lock Step LF behind RF, Fwd Step RF
3&4Left Diag Fwd Step LF, Lock Step RF behind LF, Fwd Step LF
5&6&Back Step On RF, Low Kick Fwd LF, Back Step On LF, Low KickFwd RF
7&8¼ R Turn Stepping Back on RF, Step LF Beside RF, Fwd Step On RF (6:00)

S3. Syncopated Side Rock Cross, ¼ L Fwd Shuffle, ½ R Fwd Shuffle
1&2&3&4Side Rock On LF(1), Recover On RF(&), Cross Step L Over R(2), Recover On R(&), Side Rock on L(3), Recover On R(&), Cross Step L Over R(4)
5&6 1/4 Turn L On Ball of LF/Flicking RF, into a Fwd Shuffle On RLR
7&8 1/2 Turn R On Ball Of RF/Flicking LF, into a Fwd Shuffle On LRL (9:00)

S4. Fwd (2X), Fwd, ½ R Back, Back, Fwd (2X), Fwd, 1/2 L Back, Back
1-2Fwd Step On RF-LF
3&4Fwd Step On RF, ½ Turn R Back Step On LF-RF(3.00)
5-6Fwd Step On LF-RF
7&8Fwd Step On LF, ½ L Back Step On RF-LF(9.00)

Happy Dancing!

Last Update – 30th Dec. 2017