Feels With Me

Pia Kolmodin (SWE) & Ewa Dagnesjö (SWE) - January 2018
Feels - Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1

Intro 12 seconds.

Notes: One Tag after wall 7. Ending: After wall 9 step 1/4 left facing 12 o'clock

S1: Kick & Point, Kick & Point, Sailer step right, sailer step left
1&2Kick right foot forward step on right, left foot Point to left.
3&4Kick left left foot forward step on left, right foot Point to right.
5&6Right behind left, step left to left, recover onto right.
7&8Left behind right, step right to right, recover onto left.

S2: Step bump turn 1/2, step bump, right vaudeville, left vaudeville
1&2Step right forward with hip bump turn 1/2 (6 o'clock)
3&4Step left forward with hip bump
5&6 &Cross step right over left, step left to left, touch right heel to right diagonal, step weight onto right and together.
7&8&Cross step left over right, step right to right, touch left heel to left diagonal, step weight onto left and together.

S3: Step turn step 1/2, shuffle left 1/2, mambo back, mambo forward
1-2Step right forward, turn 1/2, step forward left (12 o'clock).
3&4Triple step 1/2, stepping right left right (6 o'clock).
5&6Left foot back, right foot into, left foot forward.
7&8Right foot forward, left foot into, step down right foot.

S4: Jazz box turn 1/4, right step lock step lock, left step lock step
1-2Cross left over right, right back.
3-4Left to side turn 1/4, right touch (3 o'clock)
5&6Right foot forward, left foot behind right, right foot forward.
&7&8Left foot forward, right foot behind left, left foot forward, right foot touch.

Tag 32 Counts x 2
TS1: Step right step left 1/4, Hip roll, shuffle 1/4, step turn 1/2
1-2Step on right, step left 1/4 (6 o'clock)
3-4Hip roll left counter-clockwise
5&6Triple step right stepping right left right (9 o'clock)
7-8Step left turn 1/2 step right (3 o'clock).

TS2: Shuffle 1/2 turn 1/2 step shuffle forward rock recover left
1&2Triple step right 1/2 stepping left right left (9 o'clock)
3-4Step 1/2 turn right step left
5&6Triple step forward stepping right left right.
7-8Rock recover left, weight on right foot

TS3: Hitch left, step left back, right Coaster cross left, lunge left, step 1/4 right step 1/4 left step 1/2 right cross left
1-2Hitch left, step back on left (3 o'clock)
3&4Right foot back, left back, step cross forward on right
5-6Step left side with prep, step right 1/4.
7&8Step left 1/2 step right 1/4, cross left over right

TS4: Rock recover, behind side cross, side rock revocer left, side rock recover right touch
1-2Rock right to right recover on left.
3&4Right behind left, left to left, right foot forward
5&6Left to left, recover on right. step left into (rockis)
7&8Right to right, recover on left, right touch (rockis)

Note: When you do the tag the second time the walls will be the opposite.
After each of the Two tags you start again from the beginning (9 o'clock)

Ending: After wall 9 step 1/4 left facing 12 o'clock.

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