I Love You More And More CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Nancy Rosera - January 2018
I Love You More And More - Bellamy Brothers

I. Right weave, Right scissors
1 2 3 4R to right, L behind R, R to right, cross L over R
5 6 7 8R to right, L next to R, cross R over L, hold

II. Left weave, Left scissors
1 2 3 4L to left, R behind L, L to left, cross R over L
5 6 7 8L to left, R next to L, cross L over R, hold

III. Rocking chair, Jazzbox with 1/4 turn
1 2 3 4Rock fwd R, recover L, rock back R, recover L
5 6 7 8Cross R over L, back L w/ 1/4 turn right, R to right L next to R

IV. K step
1 2 3 4Fwd R on diag, touch L, back L on diag, touch R
5 6 7 8Back R on diag, touch L, fwd. L on diag, touch R

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Last Update – 14th Feb. 2018