Every Time It Rains CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Adrian Churm, November 2017
Every Time It Rains by Lacy Cavalier

(16 count intro)

Sec 1: Walk forward, shuffle forward (or lock), rock step forward, ½ turn L and shuffle forward.
1 – 2Walk forward right, left.
3&4Shuffle forward (or lock step) R, L, R.
5 – 6Rock left forward, recover back onto right, (preparing to turn left)
7&8½ turn left and shuffle forward L, R, L.

Sec 2: Walk forward, turn ⅛ left ball cross, turn ⅛ right, ½ turn right, shuffle forward (or lock).
1 – 2Walk forward right, left.
&3 – 4⅛ turn left step ball of right to the side, step left across right, turn ⅛ right step right forward.
5 – 6Step left foot forward, ½ turn right.
7&8Shuffle forward (or lock step) L, R, L.

Sec 3: Side step, hold, close, side, touch, side, behind (or full turn left), chasse left.
1 – 2Step right to the side, hold.
&3 -4Close left next to right, step right to the side, touch left next to right.
5 – 6Step left to the side, step right behind left.
7&8Chasse to the left side L, R, L.
On counts 1 – 2 more advanced dancers may add a snake roll right
On counts 5 – 6 leading into the chasse left, more advanced dancers may do a full turn to the left leading into the left side chasse.

Sec 4: Cross rock, Chasse right, step across, ¼ turn left and step right back, coaster step.
1 – 2Rock right across left, recover back onto left,
3&4Chasse to the right side, R, L, R.
5 – 6Step left across right, ¼ turn left and step right foot back.
7&8Step left back, close right next to left, step left forward.

Start again

Restart. One easy restart on wall 4, restart the dance after completing section 2.