Outside In CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Diana Dawson (January 2018)
Outside Looking In by Lane Turner (142 bpm) CD: Right On Time

# Intro 32 counts after the heavy drumbeats, start on vocals

Slower track for teaching:: There Goes by Alan Jackson (114bpm) CD: Greatest Hits Vol 2,
# Intro 32 counts, start on vocals

Right Grapevine, Scuff, Left Grapevine, Scuff
1-2Step Right to Right side. Step Left behind Right.
3-4Step Right to Right Side. Scuff Left foot forward
5-6Step Left To Left side. Step Right behind Left.
7-8Step Left to Left side. Scuff Right foot forward

Step forward, Scuff, Step forward, Scuff, Run back x3, Hold
1-2Step forward on Right. Scuff Left forward.
3-4Step forward on Left. Scuff Right forward
5-6-7-8Small steps backwards stepping Right, Left, Right. Hold

Rumba Box forward
1-2Step Left to Left side. Step Right beside Left.
3-4Step forward on Left. Hold
5-6Step Right to Right side. Step Left beside Right
7-8Step back on Right. Hold

Side, Together, Quarter turn Left, Hold, Rock forward, Recover, Rock back, Recover (Rocking Chair)
1-2Step Left foot to Left side. Step Right beside Left
3-4Quarter turn Left stepping forward on Left. Hold (9:00)
5-6Rock forward onto Right foot. Recover back onto Left foot
7-8Rock back on Right foot. Recover forward onto Left foot .

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