Newcomer / Novice
Kristin Kurtna - February 2018
Strangers - Tone Damli


Start on the vocal

Side rock (2x), Weave to Right
1, 2Step side with RF, recover weight to LF [12.00]
&3,4Step RF next to LF, step side with LF , recover weight to RF [12.00]
5, 6Step LF over RF, step RF to the side [12.00]
7&8Step LF behind RF, step RF to the side, step LF over RF [12.00]

Rock Fwd, Step-Turn ½ , Rock fwd, Coaster, Swivels
1, 2Rock forward with RF, recover to LF [12.00]
&3, 4Turn to right ½ step forward with RF, rock forward with LF, recover to RF [6.00]
5&6Step back with LF, step RF next to RF, step forward with LF [6.00]
7, 8Dig swivel right, left [6.00]
Heavily pressing on the ball of the weighted foot into the floor then swiveling.

Cross side touch (2x). Cross side, ¼ Turn sailor step to Right
1&2&Step RF over LF, Step LF to L side, touch RF toes to R side (weight is on your LF), step RF next to LF, (weight on your R) [6.00]
3&4&Cross LF over RF, step RF to right, touch LF toes to L side, step LF next to RF (weight is on your L foot) [6.00]
5, 6Step RF over LF, step LF to L side [6.00]
7&8RF ¼ cross behind [9.00], LF step beside, RF step slightly forward [9.00],

Walk forward L, R, Side Rock Recover, Step, Walk R, L, Side Rock Touch
1, 2&Step forward LF, step forward RF, rock LF to left side [9.00]
3, 4Recover weight on RF, step LF next to RF (weight in on your LF) [9.00]
5, 6&Step forward RF, step forward LF, rock RF to right [9.00]
7, 8Recover weight on LF, touch RF toes next to LF (weight in on your left) [9.00]

Have Fun