God Made Girls CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Ron Bloye U.K. and Adrian Helliker - 24th February 2018
God Made Girls by RaeLynn - MeEP - iTunes or Amazon

Start Dance after 32 counts. - Restart after 16 counts on Wall 6. - Wall2: 2 + 2

Sect: 1 - Step Lock Step Scuff Right – Step Lock Step Scuff Left.
1-2Step Right Forward - Lock Left Behind Right.
3-4Step Right Forward - Scuff Left Forward.
5-6Step Left Forward - Lock Right Behind Left.
7-8Step Left Forward - Scuff Right Forward..

Sect:2 - Right Cross Rock Step, Side Hold-Left Cross Rock Step,1/4 Turn Hold.
1-2Cross Right Over Left - Recover on Left.
3-4Step Right to Right Side - Hold.
5-6Cross Left Over Right-Recover on Right.
7-8¼ turn Left Stepping Forward Left - Hold. (9 o’clock) ( Restart Here on Wall 6 )

Sect:3 - Step Rt to Rt-Lt Behind Rt ¼ Turn Rt Hold- Step Fwd Left ½ Turn Right – Step Left.
1-2Step Right to Right Side - Step Left Behind Right.
3-4Step ¼ Right - Hold. (12 o’clock)
5-6Step Forward Left - Pivot ½ Turn on Right. (6 o’clock)
7-8Step Forward Left - Hold.

Sect:4 - Run Forward - Left Right Left Hold - Left Mambo Step Hold.
1-2Run Forward Right - Run Forward Left
3-4Run Forward Right - Hold
5-6Rock Forward Left- Recover Right.
7-8Step Back on Left – Hold.

Restart after 16 counts on Wall 6

NOTE:-After RESTART you will be dancing on walls 9 o’clock & 3 o’clock till the end.

Note 2: Adrian and I thought as it was a 2 + 2 wall dance, we would make it an Improver dance - although we feel most beginners could manage this dance.