Michael O'Shea (IRE) - February 2018
Pontoon - Little Big Town : (Album: Tornado or Single)

#8 Count Intro.

Right kick ball change, step, drag, left kick ball change, step, drag
1&2kick right foot fwd, step onto ball of right foot, change weight to left
3-4step right to right diagonal, drag left to right
5&6kick left foot fwd, step onto left foot, change weight to right
7-8step left to left diagonal, drag right to left

Side rock, behind, side, cross, side, heel, hold & cross
1-2rock right to right side, replace weight to left
3&4step right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5-6step left to left side, touch right heel fwd
7&8HOLD, step onto right (&), cross left over right (8)
Restart here on walls 4 (3:00) & wall 8 (6:00)

Side, turn 1/4, shuffle fwd, bump & step x2
1-2step right to right side, turning 1/4 turn step left to left side
3&4shuffle fwd right, left, right
5&6touching left fwd bump hips left, bump hips right, bump hips left stepping onto left foot
7&8touching right fwd bump hips right, bumps lips left, bump hips right stepping onto right

Cross back side, touch, sway x4
1-2cross left over right, step back right
3-4step left to left side, touch right beside left
5-6stepping right to right side sway right, sway left
7-8sway right, sway left

Begin again & make it funky!

Restart: On walls 4 & 8 after 16 counts.

Released at Dance Crazy's Connections Spring Break Event
michael@inline.ie - www.inline.ie