I Got The Moves

Beginner / Intermediate
Wendy McLean (CAN) - March 2018
Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) - Maroon 5

Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Cross Shuffle
1 2Right Foot Rock Right Side, Recover Weight To Left Foot
3&4Right Foot Cross Over Left, Left Foot To Left Side, Right Foot Cross Over Left
5 6Left Foot Rock Left Side, Recover Weight To Right Foot
5&6Left Gross Over Right, Right Foot To Right Side, Left Foot Cross Over Right

Forward Rock, Shuffle Back, Back Rock, Shuffle Forward
1 2Right Foot Rock Forward, Recover Weight To Left Foot
3&4Step Right Foot Back, Step Left Foot To Right, Ste Right Foot Back
5 6Left Foot Rock Back, Recover Weight To Right Foot
7&8Left Foot Step Forward, Right Foot Step Together, Left Foot Step Forward

Toe, Hold,& Toe, Hold & Heel & Heel & Walk, Walk
1 2Touch Right Toe to Right Side, Hold
&3 4Step Right Foot Home, Touch Left Toe To Left Side, Hold
&5&6Step Left Foot Home, Touch Right Heel Forward, Step Right Foot Home, Touch Left Heel Forward
&7 8Step Left Foot Home, Walk Forward On Right Foot, Walk Forward on Left Foot

Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½, Step ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle
1 2Rock Forward On Right Foot, Recover Weight To Left Foot
3&4Shuffle ½ Turn Right, Stepping Right, Left, Right
5 6Step Forward on Left Foot, Pivot ¼ Turn Right, Weight To Right Foot
7&8Cross Left Foot Over Right, Step Right Foot Right, Cross Left Foot Over Right


TAG – At end of the 10th wall facing back wall
Heel, Hold & Heel, Hold &
1 2Right Heel Forward, Hold
&3 4&Step Right Foot Home, Left Heel Forward, Hold, Step Onto Left Foot