Man Of The Woods

Rhoda Lai (CAN) - March 2018
Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake : (4:03)

Music link:

Intro: 4 counts - No Tags! No Restarts!

S1: R Side, L Behind-side-cross, R Side-rock-cross, L Side-behind-¼ L, R Kick
12&3Step R to R side, step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R
4&5Rock R to R side, recover onto L, cross R over L
6&7Step L to L side, step R behind L, ¼ L stepping forward L (9:00)
8Kick R forward

S2: R Back, L Back, R Coaster Step, L Forward Pivot ½, L Side, (R Heel Tap) X2
12Step back R, L (see below for advanced options)
3&4Step back R, step L beside R, step forward R
56Step forward L, pivot ½ R (3:00)
7&8Step L to L side, (tap R heel to R diagonal) X 2
(Styling on Count &8: pose like a cowboy holding onto the edge of his hat with Right hand)

S3: R Dorothy, L Dorothy, Big Step R-drag L, L Touches (in-out-in)
12&Step R to R diagonal, lock L behind R, step forward R
34&Step L to L diagonal, lock R behind L, step forward L
56Take a big step R to R side, drag L beside R
&78Touch L beside R, touch L to L side, touch L beside R

S4: ¼ L, ½ L, ½ Shuffle LRL, R Jazz Box ¼ R
12¼ L stepping forward L, ½ L stepping back R
3&4¼ L stepping forward L, step R beside L, ¼ L stepping forward L (1200)
5678Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back L, step R to R side, cross L over R (3:00)

Advanced options for Counts 1,2 of S2
Option 1
1 2Step back R while popping L knee, step back L while popping R knee

Option 2: Roger Rabbit
&1Kick R back, step back R hitching L
&2Kick L back, step back L hitching R

Ending: Dance Up to and including count 6&, step L to L side (7), stomp R to the R side (8)


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