Eyes For You

Sarmīte Galanska – February 2018
I Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But You by Ronnie Milsap

[1-8] Strut, Strut, Shuffle, Rock
1-4RF toe strut side right, LF toe strut cross over R
5&6RF side right, LF beside right, RF side right
7 8LF rock back, recover R

[9-16] Strut, Strut, Shuffle ¼ right back, Touch, Back
1-4LF toe strut side left, RF toe strut cross over L
5&6LF side left, turn ¼ right RF beside L, LF back (3:00)
7 8RF back , Hold

[17-24] Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch,
1-4LF back, RF touch beside L, RF back, LF touch beside R
5-8RF back, LF touch beside R, LF back, RF touch beside L

[25-32] Out, Out, In,In, Step, Turn ¼, Step, Turn 1/4
1-4LF step out, RF step out, LF step in, RF close next to LF
5-8RF step forward, Turn ¼ left, RF step forward, Turn ¼ left (9:00)

[33-40] Jazz Box Cross, Kick Ball Cross 2x
1-4RF cross over L, LF back, RF side right, LF cross over R
5&6RF kick forward, RF beside L, LF cross over R
7&8RF kick forward, RF beside L, LF cross over R

[41-48] Rock Step, Recover, Sailor Step Turn ½ right, Jazz Box Cross
1 2RF rock side right, Recover LF
3&4RF cross behind L, turn ½ right LF side left, RF side left (3:00)
5-8LF cross over R, RF back, LF side left, RF touch beside LF

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