Por Favor

Easy Intermediate
Shane McKeever (N.IRE) - October 2017
Por Favor by Pitbull ft Fifth Harmony

Count-in: 16 Count Intro

[1-8] Dorothy Step Right, Dorothy Step L, Step Forward, Mambo Forward, Behind, Side
1,2&Step RF to R diagonal, Lock Lf behind Rf, Step Rf next to Lf
3,4&Step LF to L diagonal, Lock Rf behind Lf, Step Lf next to Rf
5,6&7Step RF Fwd, Rock Lf Fwd, Recover, Step Lf back
8&Step RF behind Lf, Step Lf to L Side

[9-17] Cross, Scissor Step Left, Scissor Step Right, ¼ Turn Right, ¼ Turn Right, Cross, Side Cha Cha
1,2&3Cross Rf in front of Lf, Rock Lf to L Side, Recover, Cross Lf in front of Rf
4&5Rock Rf to R Side, Recover, Cross Rf in front of Lf
6&7¼ Turn R stepping Lf Back, ¼ Turn R stepping Rf to R Side, Cross Lf in front of Rf
8&1Step Rf to R Side, Step Lf next to Rf, Step Rf to R Side

[18-24] Cross Mambo Left, Cross Mambo Right, Point Left Across, Point Left Side, Flick Left
2&3Cross Rock Lf in front of Rf, Recover, Step Lf to L Side
4&5Cross Rock Rf in front of Lf, Recover, Step Rf to R Side
6,7Point Lf across Rf, Point Lf to L Side
8Flick Lf up

[25-32] Forward Cha Cha Right Diagonal, Forward Cha Cha Left Diagonal, Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2Step Lf Fwd on the diagonal (facing 7.30), Step Rf behind Lf, Step LF Fwd
3&4Step Rf Fwd on the diagonal (facing 4.30), Step Lf behind Rf, Step RF Fwd
5,6Rock Lf Fwd, Recover
7&8Step Lf Back, Step Rf next to Lf, Step Lf Fwd
*Restart Dance here on walls 2 and 4

[33-40] Step Forward with Hip rolls Forward, Back, Forward, Hitch Left Knee with ¼ Turn Right, Step Left to Side with Hip Rolls, Left, Right, Left, ¼ Turn Right with a Hook
1,2,3Step Rf Fwd rolling hips fwd, recover on to Lf rolling hips back, transfer weight to Rf rolling hips Fwd
4Hitch L Knee as you ¼ Turn R
5,6,7Step Lf to L side rolling hips to L, roll hips to R, roll hips to L
8Hook Rf in front of L making a ¼ Turn R (facing 12.00)

[41-48] Cross Point x2, Jazz Box ½ Turn
1,2Cross Rf in front of Lf, Point Lf to L side
3,4Cross Lf in front of Rf, Point Rf to R Side
5,6Cross Rf in front of Lf, ¼ Turn R stepping Lf Back
7,8Step Rf to R side, ¼ Turn R Step Lf Fwd

Begin again