Half a Cha

Absolute Beginner
Rob Fowler (ES) - April 2018
Half a Song - Cody Johnson

S1: Walk Forward R,L,R Point L Click Fingers, Walk Back L,R,L Point R Click Fingers
1,4Walk Fwd R, L, R, Point L to L Side(Click Fingers)
5,8Walk Back L,R,L, Point R to R side(Click Fingers)

S2: Step Forward R, Point L, Step Forward L Point R, Jazz Box ¼ Turn R
1,2Step Fwd R, Point L to L side
3,4Step Fwd L, Point R to R side
5,6Cross R over L, Step Back L,
7,8Make ¼ Turn R step Fwd R, Touch L next to R

S3: Side Together, Chasse L, Cross Rock, Chasse R
1,2Step L to L side, Step R Next to L
3&4Side Chasse L (L,R,L)
5,6Cross Rock R over L , Recover back L
7&8Side Chasse R (R,L,R)

S4: Weave, Rock Step Chasse
1,4Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Cross L behind R, Step R to R side
5,6Cross Rock L over R, Recover back on R
7&8Side Chasse L (L,R,L)

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Last Update - 11th April 2018