Mozzarella Mambo

Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - May 2018
Mambo Italiano / Rosemary Clooney / American Mob hits / iTunes

*2nd Music Choice / The Wiseguy Orchestra / iTunes

Version 1:00 – BPM [149.2] Track Length 2:30
Dance Info: Dance starts wt on L – Dance starts on MAIN lyrics..Hey Mambo

Fwd Right Mambo, Back Left Mambo, Run Fwd R,L,R, Run Fwd L,R,L 12:00
1 & 2Rock Fwd R, Replace Back to L, Step Back on R
3 & 4Rock Back L, Replace Fwd to R, Step Fwd L
5 & 6Run Fwd Right, Left, Right (small fwd runs – almost together)
7 & 8Run Fwd Left, Right, Left (small fwd runs – almost together)
Restart Here – Wall 5 Facing 12:00

Fwd Right Mambo, Run Back L, R, L, Back Rock Turn ¼ Side, Step Together, Side, Together, Side, Together 9:00
1 & 2Rock Fwd R, Replace Back to L, Step Back on R
3 & 4Run Back L, R, L (small reverse runs – almost together)
5 & 6Rock Back on R, Replace Fwd to L, Turning ¼ L-Step R to R Side
& 7 & 8Step L next to R, Step R to R, Step L next to R, Step R to R
&Step L next to R-wt on L (these are small side steps together)

Ending: Facing 12:00 Wall
Replace the Back Runs L, R, L with a Back Left Coaster Step Stomp R Fwd

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