S Club Party

Nicholas Adair - May 2018
S Club Party - S Club 7

[1-8] Rock and Side, Knee Pop, ¼ L Turn Sailor, Kick Out Out
1&Rock R across L(1), replace weight back to L(&)
2&3Step R side(2), pop both knees forward(&), hold(3)
4&5, 6Step L behind R(4), step R together making ¼ turn left (&), step L forward(5), step R forward(6) [9:00]
7&8Kick L forward(7), step L side(&), step R side(8)

[9-16] Hip Bumps, Side, Behind Side Forward, Syncopated Rocking Chair, Step
1, 2Bump hips left(1), bump hips left(2) (weight to L)
3, 4&5Step R side(3), cross L behind R(4), make ¼ turn right and step R forward(&), step L forward(5) [12:00]
6&7&8Rock R forward(6), replace weight back to L(&), rock R backward(7), replace weight forward to L(&), step R forward(8)

[17-24] Forward Mambo, Behind Side Together, Bounces, Body Roll Left
1, 2Rock L forward(1), recover weight back to R(&), step L backward(2)
3&4Step R backward(3), making ¼ turn left step L side(&), step R together (4)[9:00]
5, 6Bounce in place(5), bounce in place(6) [optional: push both arms forward from underneath]
7, 8Step L side, rolling body left(7), step R together, finishing roll(8)

[25-32] Pretty Girl(Side Bounces), Rock, Walk Walk
1, 2Step L side, bouncing to L(1), step L together(2)
3, 4Step R side, bouncing to R(3), step R together(4)
5, 6&Rock L forward(5), replace weight back to R(6), step L together(&)
7, 8Step R forward(7), step L forward(8)

Tag (16 Counts) on Walls 4 and 7 (Facing 3:00 and 9:00)
1, 2Hitch R(1), hitch R(2)
3, 4Step big R side(3), touch L together(4)
5, 6Hitch L(5), hitch L(6)
7, 8Step big L side(7), touch R together(8)

9-16Repeat counts 1-8


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