If It's Meant To Be

Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - March 2018
Meant To Be - Florida Georgia Line (Ft. Bebe Rexha)

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[1-8] Basic NC2, Walk*, Walk*, Chase ½ Turn
1,2&Large step Right to right side (1), Back rock Left behind Right (2), Recover on Right (&)
3,4&Large step Left to left side (3), Back rock Right behind Left (4), Recover on Left (&)
5,6Step Right forward (5), Step Left forward (6)
*Think of a model walk or prissy walk here -each step slightly crossing the other
7&8Step Right forward (7), pivot ½ left (&), Step Right forward (8) (6:00 wall)

[9-16] Wizard Steps*, Rock Recover ¼ Turn, Weave
1,2&Step Left forward (1), Lock Right behind left (2), Step Left forward (&)
3,4&Step Right forward (3), Lock Left behind right (4), Step Right forward (&)
*Make sure that both Wizard steps go forward and not diagonally- lead with shoulders for added attitude
5,6Rock Left forward (5), Making a ¼ turn right -Recover on Right (6) (9:00 wall)
7&8Step Left behind right (7), Step Right to right side (&), Step Left across right (8)

Repeat. Enjoy.

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