Keep It Real

Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - June 2018
No Excuses - Meghan Trainor

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(1-8) Triple Forward, Triple ½ Turn x2*, Body Roll, Knee Pop
1&2Shuffle Forward R-L-R
3&4Making a ½ turn right, Shuffle Back L-R-L (facing 6:00 wall)
5&6Making a ½ turn right, Shuffle Forward R-L-R (facing 12:00 wall)
7&8Place left foot forward- leaning forward slightly, straighten body and lean back slightly as the right leg stiffens, pop left knee forward
*All shuffles are moving forward toward 12:00. Easy option is to omit ½ turns for basic shuffles forward.

(9-16) Triple Back, Triple Back, Out Out, Twist, Flick
1&2Triple Back while hips angled at 10:00, L-R-L
3&4Triple Back while hips angled at 2:00, R-L-R
5-6Step Left out to left side, Step Right out to right side
7&8Toe grind right while twisting right heel in, out (shifting weight to left), flick right heel behind left leg

(17-24) ¼ Turn, Crossing Triple, Side Rock Recover, Syncopated Weave
1-2Step Right Forward, Pivot ¼ left- weight to Left (9:00)
3&4Cross Right over left, Step Left to left side, Cross Right over left
5-6Rock Left to left side, Recover to Right
7&8Step Left Back, Step Right next to Left, Step Left Forward

(25-32) Hip Dips, Sailor x2
1-4Step Right to right side- Dip hips - Right, Left, Right, Left
*For added attitude, place hands on front of hips as you sway
5&6Step Right Behind left, Step Left next to right, Step Right to right side
7&8Step Left Behind right, Step Right next to left, Step Left to left side


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