Small Town

High Beginner
Debbie Nishiki – July 2018
Small Town Big Time by Blake Shelton. Album: Based on a True Story

Intro: 32 counts – Start with Lyric: “Yeah”

S-1: (1-8) Step touch, Step Touch, Side Rock Cross, Side Rock ¼ Turn
1-2-3-4Step RF to R side, Touch L next to R, Step LF to Left, Touch RF next to L (12:00)
5&6Step RF to the side, Rock recover L and cross RF over Left (12:00)
7&8Step L to the left side make ¼ turn right stepping on R, Step L next to R (3:00)

S-2: (1-8) Right touches, ¼ Sailor step, Left touches, Sailor in place
1-2Touch RF forward right angle, Touch RF to the side (3:00)
3 & 4Cross R behind left, turning ¼ right step left to side, step right to side (6:00)
5-6Touch LF forward at left angle, Touch LF to the side (6:00)
7 & 8Step LF back behind RF, step RF to R side, Step LF next to R (6:00)

S-3: (1-8) Rocking chair, Shuffle ½ turn , Rock Recover
1-2-3-4Rock forward RF, recover on LF, rock back on RF, recover on LF (6:00)
5&6Make ½ shuffle turn left stepping RLR (12:00)
7,8Rock back on LF, recover on R (12:00)
(Ending happens here on Wall 12)

S-4: (1-8) Rocking chair, Shuffle ½ turn, Rock Recover
1-2-3-4Rock forward LF, recover on RF, rock back on LF, recover on RF (12:00
5&6Make ½ shuffle turn right stepping LFL (6:00)
7,8Rock back on RF recover on L (6:00)

Start Over

Tag: Happens after Wall 4 facing 12:00
Jazz Box (X2): Step RF across LF, step LF back, step RF to R side, step LF to L side
Count: 1-2-3-4, 5-6-7-8

Ending: Wall 12 – Dance up to 24 cts – Walk L, Walk R, pivot ½ turn Step R forward facing 12:00 and “bow”

Enjoy y’all!