Have It All

Rex Chuan - 11 July 2018
Have it All by Jason Mraz

Starting at the first down beat of vocal - No Tag, No Restart

S1: Cross Side, Sailor Step Turn, Ball Change, Side, Sailor Step Turn
1,2Cross RF over LF, point LF left, sweep LF backwards for next step
3&4Land LF cross behind RF(3), right 1/4 turn and forward RF(&), forward LF(4) (3:00)
&5,6Step RF on ball (&), LF forward (5), RF point right, sweep RF backwards for next step
7&8.Land RF across LF(7), half turn right and forward LF(&), forward RF (9:00)

S2: Brush, Run, Point Forward Right, Weave, Rock Recover
&1&2,3,4Brush LF forward (&), land RF (1), forward LF & RF (&2), point RF forward and right (3,4)
5&6,7,8.Back cross RF, side step LF, cross RF over LF, rock LF to left side, recover on RF with LF sweeping back for next step

S3: Sailor Step Turn, Side Point And Step, Heel Jacks Left And Right
1&2Land LF across RF(1), half turn right RF step right(&), cross LF(2) (3:00)
3&4.Point LF left(3), LF back together (&), RF step right(4)
5&6&7&8LF back cross (5), RF right (&), LF heel diagonally (6), LF back together (&), RF back cross RF (7), LF left(&), RF heel diagonally (3:00)

S4: Walk X2, Run Around, Step Point Back, Sailor Step Turn
&1,2,3&4Gather weight on LF while raising RF with toe pointing down(&), turn 1/8 walk forward RF & LF (1,2)(4:30), run RLR foot around clockwise end up facing 12:00 (3&4)
5&6.LF step forward (5), RF point aside RF(&), RF step back with LF sweeping backwards for next step
7&8LF land across RF(7), quarter turn right forward RF(&), forward LF (3:00)

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Last Update - 13th July 2018