Drop Everything, Gotta Kiss You Now

Michelle Jackson (USA) - July 2018
Drop Everything - Carlton Anderson : (iTunes)

Cross R, full unwind to left, right kick ball cross x2 rock R, recover L
1, 2Cross R over L, Full unwind to left shoulder (weight on L)
3&4Kick R forward, step on ball of R next to L, cross L in front of R
5&6Kick R forward, step on ball of R next to L, cross L in front of R
7, 8rock right to right side, recover left (12:00)
Right sailor, rock L forward, recover R, Shuffle ½ turn to left, step pivot
1&2step r-behind L, Step L to the left side, Step R to right side
3, 4rock L forward, recover back R
5&6step L, ¼ turn over L shoulder, step R next to L, Step L ¼ turn on L shoulder (6:00)
7, 8Step R forward pivot ½ turn over L shoulder (12:00)

Step touch L, Step L, Cross side shuffle
1, 2step R forward touch L to side
3, 4step L forward touch R to side
5, 6Step R over L step L back
7&8R to right, step L next to R, step R to right side (12:00)

Step touch R, Step R, touch L, Cross back , ¼ shuffle
1, 2step L forward touch R to right
3, 4Step R forward, touch L to let
5, 6Step L over R, Step R back
7&8Step L ¼ turn over L shoulder, Step R next to L, step L to left (3:00)

Tag - here on wall four, 8 counts, Restart from beginning facing (9:00)
1,2,3,4step R to R side, Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Tap L heel to L side
5,6,7,8Step L to L side, Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Tap R heel to R side

Contacts: Michelle Jackson Spiningrl32@aol.com, Rico Anzoategui ranzoate@gmail.com