Uphill Battle CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Joey Warren – July 2018
Uphill Battle - Rozzi

Notes: 1 Tag

Sweep, Behind-Side-Cross, Rock & Cross, ¼ Rock-Recover, Chase Turn Rock
1-2&3Step L back as you sweep R behind, Step R behind L, L out to L, Cross R over L
4-&-5Rock L out to L, Recover side R, Cross L over R
&-6-7¼ Turn L stepping back on R, Rock back on L, Recover R fwd
8-&-1Step L fwd, ½ Turn R taking weight on to R, Rock fwd on L (@ 3 o’clock)

Recover ¾ Turn, Walk-Walk, Weave, Cross Rock Recover ¼ Turn into Full Turn
& - 2Recover back on R, ¾ Turn L stepping down on L as you hitch R knee up
3 – 4Walk R fwd, Walk L fwd (bring R foot back to front like a small sweep)
5&6&Cross R over L, Step L out to L, Cross R behind L, Step L out to L
7&8&1Cross rock R across L, Recover L, ¼ Turn R stepping R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping back on L, ½ Turn R stepping R fwd sweeping L out (@ 9 o’clock)

Half Turn Diamond Sequence into Weave, Cross Rock Recover
2-&-3Step L fwd/across R, Step R out to R, Step L back turning 1/8 L (@ 7:30)
4-&-5Step back on R, 1/8 Turn L stepping L to L, 1/8 Turn L stepping R fwd (@ 4:30)
6-&-7Step L fwd, 1/8 Turn L stepping R to R, Cross L behind R (@ 3 o’clock)
&-8-&Step R out to R, 1/8 Turn R rocking L fwd, Recover back R (@ 4:30)

Step Back-Sweep x2, Coaster Step (prep), 7/8 Turn, Fwd-Out-Out, Step Back
1 – 2Step back on L sweep R front to back, Step back on R sweep L front to back
3-&-4Step back on L, Step R back beside L, Step L fwd (prep) (still at 4:30)
5-&-6 3/8 Turn L stepping R back, ½ Turn L stepping L fwd, Step R fwd (@ 6 o’clock)
7&8&Step L fwd, Step R out-come up on ball of R, Step L out-come up on ball of L, Step R back

TAG: Step Sweep, Behind-Side, Cross Rock-Recover, Full Turn Run Around, Cross-Side-Behind Rock Recover
1-2-&Step L back sweep R behind, Step R behind L, Step L out/back to L
3 – 4Cross rock R over L, Recover back on L, (slightly turned to L diagonal)
5-&-6Turning a FULL turn R step R, L, R as you sweep L around on last R step
7&8&Cross L over R, Step R out to R, Rock L behind R, Recover R

*** To restart into first 8 step the L out instead of back to go into the top of dance (only after tag though)

SEQUENCE: 32, 32, Tag at 12 o’clock, 32 Rest of way

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