Simple As CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Heather Barton - August 2018
Simple by Florida Georgia Line

Walk Right, Left, Cross Rock Point, Cross & Heel & Cross Shuffle
1,2Walk forward Right, Left
3&4Cross rock Right over Left, recover onto Left, point Right to right side
5&6Cross Right over Left, step Left to left side, dig Right heel forward to right
&7&8Step Right next to Left, cross Left over Right, step Right to right, cross step Left over Right [12]

Modified Reverse Rumba ¼, Right Mambo, Left Coaster
1&2Step Right to right, step Left together, step Right back
3&4Step Left to left, step Right together, ¼ turn left stepping Left forward
5&6Rock forward onto Right, recover onto Left, step back on Right
7&8Step back on Left, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left [9] *** Restart

Right Lock Step, Left Lock Step, Step ¼ Turn Left, Weave With Stomps
1&2Step forward Right to right diagonal, lock Left behind right, step forward Right
3&4Step forward Left to left diagonal, lock Right in behind Left, step forward Left
5&6Step forward Right, ¼ turn left taking weight onto Left, cross Right over Left
&7&8Step Left to left, cross Right behind Left, stomp Left to left side, stomp Right to right side [6]

Left Sailor, Right Sailor, Behind ¾ Unwind, Kick Ball Step
1&2Cross Left behind Right, step Right to right, step Left to left
3&4Cross Right behind Left, step Left to left, step Right to right
5,6Dig Left behind Right, unwind ¾ turn left taking weight onto Left
7&8Kick Right forward, step onto ball of Right in place, step forward on Left [9]

Restarts: Walls 3 & 7 after count 16 (Coaster step)

Last Update – 12th Aug. 2018