Parientes de Sangre

Phrased Advanced
Raymond Sarlemijn (EST) - August 2018
Liam Payne & J Balvin - Parientes de Sangre

Sequence is ABC ABC A for 14 counts and end with shuffle and after that ABC
Wall 3 Tag - 2 counts at count 14, instead RF forward make shuffle left and Restart

Part A: 32 counts
A1: Mambo forward, mambo back, mambo right, mambo left
1rf forward
&recover weight lf
2rf close lf
3lf back
&recover weight rf
4lf close rf
5rf right
&recover weight lf
6rf close lf
7lf left
&recover weight rf
8lf close rf

A2: Step forward, ½ turn right, sailor step, and ½ turn left, sailor step forward.
1rf forward
2½ turn right, lf back
3rf back
&lf close rf
4rf step forward
&lf step forward
5½ turn left, rf step back
6lf step back
&rf close lf
7lf step forward
8rf step forward

A3 + A4: Repeat these step but do everything mirror wise

Part B: 16 counts
B1: Rock right, behind side forward, kick and out, kick and out and together
1rf right
2recover weight lf
3rf behind lf
&lf left
4rf kick forward
&rf close lf
5lf touch left
&recover weight rf
6lf kick forward
&lf close rf
7rf touch right
&recover weight lf
8rf close lf

B2: Rock right, behind side cross over, ¾ turn right, hold, body roll
1lf left
2recover weight rf
3lf behind rf
&rf right
4lf cross over rf
5¾ turn right, weight lf
7,8body roll down and up

Part C: 32 counts
C1: Forward, behind, forward, behind sweep, behind, forward, behind, forward sweep.
1rf forward lf
&lf side
2rf backwards lf
&lf left
3rf cross forward lf
&lf left
4rf backward lf, sweep lf
5lf backwards rf
&rf right
6lf cross forward rf
&rf right
7lf backwards rf
&rf right
8lf forward rf, sweep rf forward

C2: Cross over together, cross over together, ½ turn right volta
1rf cross over lf
&lf close rf
3lf cross over rf
&rf close lf
5rf forward
&¼ turn right, lf close rf
6rf forward
&¼ turn right lf close rf
7rf step forward
8lf step forward

C3: Batucada, kick and stand, batucada, kick and stand
1rf forward
&rf back, lf presure forward
2lf back
3rf kick forward
&rf back
4lf presure forward
&lf back,
5presure rf forward
&rf back
6lf presure forward
&lf back
7rf presure forward
&kick rf forward, step back
8lf presure forward

C4: Shuffle ½ turn left, zisor step, step out, saolor step, sailor step forward
1¼ turn lf, lf forward
&rf right
2¼ turn left, lf lock forward rf
3rf right
&lf close rf
4rf cross over lf
5lf left
&rf back wards lf
6lf close rf
&rf right
7lf backwards rf
&rf close lf
8lf forward

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