The Summer Ends

Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - August 2018
PRETTYMUCH - Summer On You (Track on iTunes & other mp3 sites) (approx 3:25 mins). (New Single 2018)

Introduction: 32 counts, Start on approx 20 sec after the words “ I`ll Be Working ”.
#2 restarts in wall 4/8 after 16 counts,

Part 1. [1-8] ½ Pivot Turn L, ½ Shuffle Turn, Big Step L with Heel Drag R, Hold, Replace & Cross with ¼ Turn L, Point R.
1,2Step R fwd (1), Pivot ½ L over L (6.00) take weight onto L (2).
3&4Make ½ turn L (12.00) step R back (3), Step L beside R (&), Step R back (4).
5&6Step L big back and drag R heel towards L (5), Hold (6).
&7,8Step R back in place (&), Step L across R with ¼ turn L (9.00) (7), Point R out to R (8).

PART 2. [9-16] Cross Sailor R (traveling fwd), Press Step L with Sweep L, Anchor Step, Out Out R, L with ¼ Turn R.
1&2Step R across L (1), Step L to L slightly fwd (&), Step R to R slightly fwd (2).
3,4Press Step L fwd (3), Recover back onto R and sweep L from front to back (4).
5&6Locked L behind R take weight onto L (5), Recover back onto R (&), Recover back onto L (6).
7,8Make ¼ turn R (12.00) step R out to R (7), Step L out to L (8).
#1st and 2nd Restart here in WALL 4/8 after 16 counts, after start again
(first Restart to facing 3 o`clock and 2nd Restart to 6 o'clock ).

PART 3. [17-24] Knee Pops R, L, Step L with ¼ turn L, ½ Sweep Turn L, Sailor Heel L, Hold (optional with shoulder lifts), & Cross.
1,2Pop R knee fwd weight onto L (1), Pop L knee fwd weight onto R (2).
3,4Make ¼ turn L (9.00) step L slightly fwd (3), Continue a ½ turn L (3.00) step R slightly back and sweep L from front to back (4).
5&6Step L behind R (5), Step R to R (&), Touch L heeL diagonal fwd holding weight onto R (6).
7&8Hold (optional: Lift both shoulders up & both back to centre) (7), Step L back in place (&), Step R across L (8).

PART 4. [25-32] Side, Back Rock / Recover with ¼ Turn L, Side, Sailor Step L, Together, Step L with ¼ Turn L, Kick & Side.
1,2&Step L to L (1), Step R behind L (2), Make ¼ turn L (12.00) recover back onto L (&).
3Step R to R (3).
4&5Step L behind R (4), Step R to R (&), Step L to L (5).
&6,Step R beside L (&), Make ¼ turn L (9.00) step L slightly fwd (6).
7&8Kick R fwd (7), Step R back in place (&), Step L to L (8).


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