Love Confession

Phrased Intermediate
Rex Chuan (KOR) - August 2018
"Love Confession" by Jay Zhou

Start after 32ct, with vocal

S1: Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Flick, Sailor Step, Spiral Flick
1 2 3 4&RF cross over LF(1), LF point L(2), LF cross over RF(3), RF point R(4), RF flick(5)
5 6&RF R(5), LF cross under RF(6), RF R(&)
7 8LF L(7) with R sweeping back, turn 3/4 R and RF flick at(8) (9:00)

S2: Forward, Side, Weave, Cross, Unwind
1 2&3&4&RF land in front(1), LF forward(2), RF R(&), LF backward(3), RF cross over LF(&), LF back(4), RF point back(&)
5 6 7 8tip toe and hold(56), swivel quarter right(7), swivel quarter right weight on RF(8) (3:00)

S3: Charleston, Flick, Forward, Point, Walk x2
1 2 3 4&LF point forward(1), LF backward(2), LF forward(3), RF point forward(4), flick RF(&) and left quarter turn for next step (12:00)
5 6 7 8RF land forward(5), LF point forward(6), LF forward(7), RF forward(8)

S4: Kick, Weave, SwayX2, Pivot Turn
1 2&3&4&LF kick forward(1), LF backward(2), RF cross over LF(&), R quarter turn and LF backward(3), RF R(&), LF cross over RF(4), RF R(&) (3:00)
5 6 7 8&Sway on R(5), sway on L(6), R quarter turn and weight shift to RF(7), LF forward(8), Half right pivot turn and foward RF(&) (12:00)

S5: Side&Togather x3, Side, Cross, Twist+Point&TogetherX3
1&2&3LF L(1), RF together(&), LF L(2), RF together(&), LF L(3)
4&RF R(4), LF cross over RF(&)
5&6&7LF heel swivel L and RF point R(5), LF toe swivel L and RF aside LF(&), repeat the same pattern for (6&7)
8&RF step aside LF(5), right half turn and LF back(&) (6:00)

S6: Back&Knee-PumpX3, Sailor Step, Side-Together X3, 2-Step L H Turn
1&2&3RF back w knee bend and LF knee pump(1), LF in place and legs straighten up(&), repeat the pattern for 2&3
4&LF cross under RF(4), RF R(&)
5&6&7LF L(5), RF together(&)(face left for style), repeat the pattern for 6&7
8&L quarter turn and RF R(8), L quarter turn and LF point aside RF(&) (12:00)

S7: Open CloseX4, H Turn, Forwad+BackX3 With Flicks
1&2&3&4LF L, weight toward L and both heels swivel out(1), both legs in and weight shift to center(&), RF R, weight toward R and both heels swivel out(2), both legs in ando weight shift to center(&), repeat the pattern for (2&3&4) (12:00)
&5&6&7&8Half turn R and flick left LF(&), LF forward(5), LF flick(&) and backward(6), RF flick(&) and backward(7), LF flick(&) and backward(8) (6:00)

S8: Charleston-Kick, Jazz Box Half Turn
&1 2 3 4&LF flicks while right quarter turn(&), LF land forward(1), RF Kick forward(2), RF kiick backward(3), RF ball behind(4), LF step under body weight(&)
5 6 7 8RF cross over LF(5), L quarter turn and LF forward(6), L quarter turn and RF R(7), LF forward(8) (3:00)

Ending: Pause with music at S2:1 facing 9:00, at the cue of vocal, slowly unwind counterclockwise until facing 12:00, and pose of your choice.

Enjoy the dance!