Ruby Baby

Thomas Haynes (USA) - September 2018
Ruby Baby - Dion or Del Shannon

Alt. music:-
Sitting At The Dock Of The Bay - Ottis Redding
Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades

Cross steps, Right chasse,r ock step
1-2-Cross right over left, step left back
3-4-Step right back, cross left over right
5&6-Chasse to right side stepping right,left,right
7-8-rock left behind right, recover on right

left vine into left shuffle, rock 1/4 turn right
1-2-Step left out to left side,cross right behind left
3&4-stepping forward to left diagonal shuffle forward left,right,left
5-6-rock forward on right,recover left
7&8-Turning 1/4 turn right shuffle forward right,left,right

1/4 turn left weave, side rock, cross shuffle
1-2-Step out on left turning 1/4 turn left,cross right behind
3-4-Step left to left side, cross right over left
5-6-Rock left to left side,recover right
7&8-Crossing shuffle left over right, left,right,left

1/2 turn left, shuffle forward, rock step, 1/4 turn left shuffle
1-2-Step right back turning 1/4 turn left, step left forward turning 1/4 turn left
3&4-Shuffle forward right,left,right
5-6-Rock forward on left,recover right
7&8-turning 1/4 turn left shuffle left,right,left

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