Suicide (Improver)

Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - September 2018
Suicide by Bighorn Butterboys

This dance was made on request by Bighorn Butterboys.
Check them out!

(1-8) left rumba box
1,2; step L to left, step R next to L
3,4; step fwd on L, touch R next to L
5,6; step R to right, step L next to R
7,8; step back on R, touch L next to R

(9-16) left side step, flick, right side step, flick, left vine with ¼ turn, step ½ turn
1,2; step L to left, flick R behind L
3,4; step R to right, flick L behind R
5,6; step L to left, cross R behind L
7,8; ¼ turn to left stepping fwd on L, step fwd on R ½ turn

(17-24) step, hold, lockstep, hold, rock step ¼ turn
1,2; step fwd on L, hold
3,4,5; step fwd on R, lock L behind R, step fwd on R
6,7,8; hold, ¼ turn to left with a rockstep L to left, recover weight to R

(25-32) cross step, hold, rock step, cross step, ½ turn, ½ turn
1,2; cross Lover R, hold
3,4,5,6; rock R to right, recover weight to L, cross R over L, hold
7,8; ½ turn to right stepping L to left, ½ turn right stepping R to right.

Start dance again! Enjoy and remember to smile