How Bout It

Easy Intermediate
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - October 2018
How Bout You Don't - The Lost Trailers : (iTunes)

[8&] Fwd L, Fwd R & L Tog, Side R, L Tog & R Tog, L back, R coaster ¼ R & Roll full turn L - stepping LRL
12&Step L fwd, step R fwd & step L tog
34&Step R to side, step L tog & step R tog (slightly back)
5Step L back - dragging R back
6&7(R coaster ¼ R) - Step R back & step L tog - turning ¼ R, step R slightly behind L (3 o'clock)
&¼ L - step L fwd (12 o'clock)
8Step R fwd turning ½ L
&¼ L - step L to side (3 o'clock)

[8&] Rock across, recover & ¼ R, L fwd ¼ R, back samba, sweep back, L coaster, sweep fwd, R fwd & pivot ¾ L
12&Rock R across L, Recover & ## ¼ R - step R fwd (6 o'clock)
3Step L fwd turning ¼ R (9 o'clock)
4&5Step R behind L & rock L to side, step R back (back samba) - sweeping L foot back
6&7L Coaster step - sweeping R fwd
8&Step R fwd & pivot ¾ L (12 o'clock)

[8&] Rock L, side shuffle R, ¼ L hook L, lock shuffle fwd , pivot ½ L, step R fwd, L fwd, R tog
1Rock L to side
2&3Step R to side & step L tog, step R to side turning ¼ L- hooking L across R (9 o'clock)
4&5Step L fwd & lock R behind L, step L fwd
6&7Step R fwd & pivot ½ L, step R fwd (3 o'clock)
8&Step L fwd & step R tog

[4&] Back L, lock R, back L, ½ R, L fwd, pivot ½ R, L fwd, step R fwd turning full turn L
1&Step L back & step R across L
2&Step L back & ½ R - step R fwd (9 o'clock)
3&Step L fwd & pivot ½ R (3 oclock)
4&Step fwd L & fwd R turning full turn L (3 o'clock)
[28 &]

## Restart occurs here on wall 5. Dance to count 10 then Step R to side on the & count then restart dance at 3 o'clock

(Note: To make it easier, instead of the full turn at the end of the dance, just replace it with “& Step R tog )

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Last Update - 17th Oct. 2018