Head Over Heels & Toes

Pat Stott (UK) & Laura Sway (UK) - October 2018
Out of Our Heads - Take That

Count in: 8 count intro

Point & point & heel & heel & point, hold double clap, & point hold double clap
1&2.Point right to right, close, point left to left
&3&4.Close, right heel forward, close, left heel forward
&5&6.Close, point right to right, hold & clap hands twice (&6)
&7&8.Close, point left to left, hold & clap hands twice (&8)

& Heel grind 1/4 turn right, coaster step, rock forward, recover, close, rock forward, recover
&1-2.Step on Left, Right heel forward and grind heel turning 1/4 right, recover back on left foot
3&4.Back on right, close left to right, forward on right
5-6&Rock forward on left, recover on right, close left to right
7-8.Rock forward on right, recover on left

1/2 turn right stepping forward on right, 1/4 turn right stepping left to left, rock back, recover, rock right to right, turn 1/4 left, full turn left (or 2 walks)
1-2.Turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right, turn 1/4 right stepping left to left
3-4.Rock back on right, recover on left
5-6.Rock right to right, turn 1/4 left transferring weight to left
7-8.Turn 1/2 left stepping back on right, turn 1/2 left stepping forward on left
(Easier option 2 walks forward)

Hip bumps right, ball cross, hold & clap hands twice, bump hips left, ball cross, hold & clap hands twice
1-2.Step slightly diagonally right on right & bump hips to right twice
&3&4.Step onto ball of left slightly back, cross right over left, clap hands twice
5-6.Step slightly diagonally forward on left & bump hips twice to left
&7&8.Step onto ball of right foot slightly back, cross left over right, hold & clap twice

Side, recover, behind, side, cross, side, recover, sailor 1/4 turn left
1-2.Rock right to right, recover on left
3&4.Right behind left, left to left, cross right over left
5-6.Rock left to left, recover on right
7&8.Left behind right, turn 1/4 left stepping right to right, step left in place

Step, kick, coaster step, Jazz box 1/4 right with jump & clap
1-2.Step forward on right, kick left forward
3&4.Back on left, close right to left, forward on left
5-6.Cross right over left, back on left
7-8.Turn 1/4 stepping right to right, jump feet together and clap

ENDING: Dance up until Counts 32 (3.00) , Rock side Right, Recover on Left, behind ¼ Step Left (12.00) into your big finish….

Just a nice Big Pose to finish .. TADA!!!