Dallas In Tennessee

Andrew Palmer (UK) & Sheila Palmer (UK) - September 2018
Dallas - Alan Jackson : (CD: The Greatest Hits Collection / The Alan Jackson Story. amazon)

#16 Count Intro. Start on Vocals

Rocking-Chair. Shuffle Forward. Mambo-Step Quarter Turn. Weave
1&2&Rock forward Right. Recover back onto Left. Rock back Right. Recover forward onto Left
3&4Step forward Right. Slide Left beside Right. Step forward Right
5&6Rock forward Left. Recover back onto Right. Quarter turn Left step to side (9:00)
7&8Cross Right over Left. Step Left to side. Step Right behind Left

Side Mambo Step. Chasse Quarter Turn. Step Forward. Pivot Quarter Turn. Cross. Touch Out. Touch In. Touch Out
1&2Rock left to side. Recover onto Right. Step left beside Right
3&4Step Right to side. Step Left beside Right. Quarter turn Right step forward Right (12:00)
5&6Step forward Left. Pivot quarter turn Right. Cross Left over Right (3:00)
7&8Touch Right to side. Touch Right beside Left. Touch Right to side

Sailor-Step. Coaster-Step
1&2Cross Right behind Left. Step Left to side. Step Right to side
3&4Step back Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward Left

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